A range of 70 new metallic colors have been made available by HMG Paints for their HMG ColourBase Colour Box. The new metallic colors are available in a range of HMG products and are ideal for industries such as commercial vehicle, horseboxes and ACE (agricultural and construction equipment), among others.

“Our color team have worked tirelessly to bring these new metallic shades to our distributor network and customers, the new colors have been developed based on extensive collaboration with our customers and partners,” said Danny Cleary, HMG sales director. “The new metallic colors are a great compliment to the existing 2,400 colors and will be popular across a number of industries.”

The new range provides enhanced color matching capability for HMG’s customers and distribution network. With the system utilizing HMG’s existing Unit Lite colorants there is no need for expensive investment and the colors are available simply via a software update of ColourBase, the bespoke HMG color formulation software which already boasts over 90,000 colors.

The ColourBase Colour Box has been a success since its launch and contains over 2400 color chips, displayed in chromatic order within 20 fan decks. The ColourBase Colour Box is a multi-function tool, in the sense that not only each color has a chromatic code that identifies its position in the color sequence, but it also corresponds to a color existing on the market for reference.

The ColourBase Colour Box has already been put to good use by a number of customers who are using HMG’s Acrythane 4G. Up and down the UK vehicle fleets are using colors from the ColourBase Colour Box and seeing exceptional results using the high gloss, high solids acrylic polyurethane coating developed to meet and exceed the stringent requirements of the commercial vehicle market.

“The new metallic shades combine popular metallics from ranges such as RAL and leading commercial vehicle OEMs along with the industry expertise of our color team who have developed new shades that offer chromatic continuity,” added Cleary. “Having these colors available in the Colour Box carry case means that representatives can match out on site and have depots produce the color almost immediately across a number of HMG systems.”

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