ICP Building Solutions Group will be debuting Weather Armor at this year’s World of Concrete in Las Vegas, June 8-10, with plans to commercially launch the product later in the year.

Weather Armor air and weather barriers are liquid-applied, one-component solutions that protect against unwanted or uncontrolled air and moisture in a variety of climates. By eliminating air infiltration, Weather Armor helps ensure long-term structural durability while contributing to higher levels of building energy efficiency and air quality.

It is available in acrylic, STPE or silicone formulations, as well as impermeable and permeable options. It can be exposed for up to a year for flexibility in construction phasing.

“We’re excited to debut our new line of air and weather barriers at World of Concrete this year – it’s a professional solution that we’re confident our customers will find valuable,” said Adrienne Malek, VP product management, ICP BSG. “Weather Armor is part of our ongoing mission to bring new, necessary product advancements to this marketplace.”

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