IFS Coatings is introducing IFS PureClad FFT, a high-performance powder coating for non-metal substrates that delivers a smooth, beautiful, flexible finish in just one layer and with a robust production process that takes just 7 to 10 minutes to complete.


The flagship of the IFS PureClad range, PureClad FFT incorporates a game-changing approach to powder coating chemistry that delivers exceptional flow for a beautiful, smooth finish, incredible flexibility and excellent physical properties such as first-class adhesion and crack, chip, mar, moisture and stain resistance.


PureClad FFT overcomes the challenges traditionally associated with powder coating non-metal substrates and has been designed with coaters and consumers in mind. 


“PureClad FFT has been developed to offer manufacturers and professional coaters a robust new coating solution to equip their businesses for the 21st century,” said Chris Reding, director Alternate Substrates. “We understand that coaters need a repeatable finishing process that is easy to apply, maximizes productivity and improves end-product value – all with an approach that is environmentally responsible. Likewise, we understand that manufacturers want to offer their customers world class aesthetic and performance options, which PureClad world-classs with an array of colors, textures and in-demand features such as anti-microbial properties.”


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