IFS Coatings launched IFS Puroplaz PE20 Texture, a tough thermoplastic polyethylene-based powder that can be can be both sprayed and dip applied and delivers incredible adhesion, flexibility and industry leading scratch and impact protection in a gorgeous textured finish. 


Suitable for a wide range of applications, including trailers, site amenities, outdoor furniture and playground decking, Puroplaz PE20 Texture has been carefully designed to deliver great transfer efficiency and easy application via both electrostatic spray and fluidized bed. 


“The formulation expertise that has gone into Puroplaz® PE20 Texture is second to none,” said Tim Brinner, VP of Thermoplastics at IFS Coatings. “This powder delivers an extremely tough thermoplastic film, with incredible abrasion and scratch resistance, impact resistance, outstanding hiding capability, and excellent outgassing properties. It will not chip taking very heavy impacts, and comes with all the sustainability advantages we expect from powder coatings.” 


Puroplaz PE20 Texture also delivers on aesthetics. 


“The textured finish is a beautiful looking coating with a lower gloss at 35 – 45 gloss units. It really has to be seen to be believed,” Brinner said.

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