To address the need for better public health and safety measures, IGL Coatings and EVC announced their collaboration to deliver a convenient and safe electric vehicle (EV) charging experience for EV users in Malaysia.

Electric vehicle users can now look forward to charging their electric vehicles at charging stations with charging plugs that have been coated with IGL Coatings’ proprietary self-cleaning coating, Ecocoat Titan. The photocatalytic coating decomposes harmful pathogens on the surface of the charging station and charging plugs, thus ensuring a high standard of safety and hygiene for users.
Based in Petaling Jaya, EV Connection Sdn Bhd (EVC) is the leading one-stop Electric Mobility Service Provider in Malaysia with clients from top automotive brands like Porsche, Volvo, Mercedes Benz, and Hyundai. In 2020, EVC launched JomCharge, a mobile app that provides up-to-date information on the location and availability status of EV Chargers across Malaysia. To enhance users’ experience, JomCharge provides real-time status information on chargers deployed by EVC in selected locations such as Caltex stations and Tesco Kepong.

IGL Coatings, the leading manufacturer of green nano-technology coatings has been working tirelessly to address the most common problem in the new norm: ineffective and inefficient sanitization.

IGL Coatings’ latest addition to its sanitization series is Ecocoat Titan, a proprietary self-cleaning coating that offers continuous protection against harmful pathogens. Currently being deployed globally after the successful launch in Malaysia, Philippines, Hungary, and Finland, IGL Coatings collaborated with EVC.

“This self-cleaning coating that actively works throughout the day, reduces the need for constant sanitization on the charging stations, one of our standard operating procedures (SOP) in keeping hygienic surfaces”, explained Ir. Lee Yuen How, Founder and CEO of EV Connection.

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