IGL Coatings launched its graphene reinforced product, Ecocoat Quartz+. 


The new and improved Ecocoat Quartz+ is a hybrid 9H rated dual system ceramic coating that combines two ceramic coatings with different attributes to provide the ultimate layer of protection and an excellent finish for almost all types of paint surfaces.


Similar to the soft-launch of graphene reinforced Ecocoat Kenzo, the improved formula of Ecocoat Quartz+ is reinforced with graphene nanoplatelets for enhanced durability of up to 4 years, upgraded hydrophobicity, increased water spot & chemical resistance, improved slip for efficient cleaning, and superb clarity & gloss.


IGL Coatings invests extensively in sustainable, eco-friendly innovation.  The new graphene reinforced Ecocoat Quartz+ is no different; going through countless hours of intensive research, experiments, and real-world tests. The introduction of graphene nanoplatelets enhances water spot and chemical resistance, hydrophobicity, and oleophobicity without compromising 9H hardness or clarity & gloss.


“The response to our soft launch of graphene reinforced Ecocoat Kenzo in December blew us away! In North America, the demand for ‘K2’ has been simply amazing and has received overwhelmingly positive response from all over the world. We are incredibly grateful for the support from our detailers,” said Keong Chun Chieh, CEO of IGL Coatings.“Ecocoat Kenzo is reserved for our certified detailers. However, we wanted all our detailers to be able to use a graphene reinforced coating and so we worked to introduce the new Ecocoat Quartz+ resulting in improved barrier properties, lubrication and smoothness, and increased hydrophobicity.”


The original formulation of Ecocoat Quartz+ had a durability rating of 3 years. Reinforced with graphene, its durability rating is now 4 years whilst maintaining 90% active ingredients.


“Thanks to the team’s dedication and perseverance, we managed to create an improved Quartz+ by using graphene nanoplatelets,” Keong said. “We were inspired by the concept of platelets in our bodies. Graphene nanoplatelets are composed of multiple layers of graphene sheets in a ‘platelet’ morphology. This creates a unique shape with a large surface area allowing us to use fewer graphene nanoplatelets to produce optimal enhancements to the existing formulation.


“The new formulation has an improved durability rating for up to 4 years due to the improvement in scrub resistance by 15%. We are big fans of high solids formulations, so naturally, we followed the same concept where the graphene nanoplatelets are stacked to give us the required enhancements.”

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