IGL Coatings added to its ecoclean series with Ecoclean Jen K.O., a ready-to-use solution stemming from Jen K.O. Mix created by IGL Coatings North America Representative and owner of Carsmotology, Jennifer Turcotte.


Jen K.O. serves to clean by removing daily dirt and grime, light water spots while enhancing hydrophobicity. 


Jen K.O. also leaves the surface smooth and gives a showroom shine in addition to providing a slick feel.


“Not everyone is lucky enough to have a perfect water system or even the luxury of maintaining and cleaning their cars frequently,” Turcotte said. “Ecoclean Jen K.O. is the perfect solution for those that need a quick fix without any hassle. It can be used as a waterless washing agent as well! Jen K.O. is easy to use and super versatile as it can be applied on multiple surfaces. It has been my go-to product for cleaning and light water spot removal especially after coating a car.”


This multipurpose solution can be used on exterior surfaces such as windows, wheels, calipers, chrome, exhausts, door jambs, emblems, interior tint, and hood. Jen K.O. also works wonders on vinyl wraps and matte paint surfaces.


“Jen K.O. Mix is our most creative product yet,” said Keong Chun Chieh, founder, and CEO of IGL Coatings. “When we first launched it, the mini chemists around the world experienced the mix and measure formula – including the extraordinary benefits that came with it. It was a hit! However we wanted to improve on it, but how? Knowing it was a hit, we were also aware that many preferred to provide their clients, especially ‘those with newly coated vehicles’ with an easy ready-to-use product – and that would be our Ecoclean Jen K.O.”


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