Following its soft launch at the end of 2020, IGL Coatings announced the official launch of their signature product, the graphene reinforced Ecocoat Kenzo. Kenzo, IGL’s pioneer, signature 10H* rated (on a pencil scale), high solids ceramic coating was recently awarded the Gold Medal Award for Green Technology for the International Innovation Awards 2021.

When it first launched in November 2015 at SEMA, Las Vegas, USA, Ecocoat Kenzo revolutionized the ceramic coatings industry by introducing a 100% high solids formula with zero VOCs. It stood apart with its unique high solids formula. It quickly benchmarks ultra-lux ceramic coatings. The highly anticipated reformulated graphene reinforced Kenzo was soft-launched at the end of 2020.

Kenzo offers durability and increased resistance against water-spotting and chemical resistance. The official launch brings together the existing graphene reinforced formula which was launched in 2020, and Kenzo’s new and updated packaging,

“When we launched the graphene reinforced version in 2020, the pandemic was still rife and we had difficulties with sourcing just the right packaging materials to exemplify Kenzo perfectly. We knew that we had a fantastic formula with Kenzo, but we wanted so much more,”  said Keong Chun Chieh, founder of IGL Coatings.

“During the soft launch, we introduced you with  graphene nanoplatelets that was added to the Kenzo formula and made a few enhancements to the packaging. Based on the results of our initial tests, we were eager to share the new formula and soft-launched Kenzo. We were floored by the response. To be honest, we expected a good response, but to be almost sold out within weeks of the launch was amazing. With the pandemic, we almost couldn’t keep up with demand.”

“From conception, we wanted Kenzo to embody sustainability. We worked with our suppliers for sustainably sourced materials in all aspects. Working from the raw materials to the packaging and design, we wanted Kenzo to be both luxurious and elegant, all sourced from sustainable origins,” explained Fiona Chin, director of IGL Coatings.

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