Inkmaker Group launched a comprehensive training program focused specifically on the various systems within its group.


Advanced Software Intelligent Systems Training (ASIST) combines artificial intelligence-aided technology with human interaction to facilitate the training of Inkmaker Group’s advanced systems, the company said.


“ASIST was born from the need to counter challenging situations, which hinder our engineers from being able to conduct physical site visits, such as during the current pandemic,” said Christophe Rizzo, CEO EMEA/Americas, Inkmaker Group, “Over the past year, our systems and products have expanded significantly, due to the group’s acquisitions. To align these—and to best satisfy the increase in market demand for the transfer of knowledge within these challenging times—we felt the need to offer our clients an ultimate training program to render them more autonomous.” 


The all-inclusive course covers several new features spanning from basic machine structure to in-depth knowledge of Inkmaker’s legendary industry-4.0-compliant software suite, according to Inkmaker.  


The program didactic is structured into four color-coded certification levels based on CMYK—reminiscent of the color model used in printing—with Cyan being the primary level, Inkmaker said. 


“We look at it like our sort of Six Sigma certification, that will greatly enhance the skills of the user of our products,” said Francesco Nesti, global director of Software & Automation, Inkmaker Group, “The intended end result will give our clients greater flexibility to troubleshoot on their own, with minimal virtual intervention from our side if required, to ensure it’s business as usual—come what may.”

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