J.M. Huber Corporation has won the 2020 IMD-Pictet Sustainability in Family Business Award for its holistic and long-term approach to embedding sustainability across its operations, from governance to product innovation.

With sustainability rapidly becoming business critical as a licence to operate, the IMD-Pictet Sustainability in Family Business Award acknowledges family-owned enterprises that strive to excel in corporate sustainability and impact.

The independent jury highlighted the Huber family’s commitment to sustainability and the company’s clear demonstration of a will to transform itself, including the representation of sustainability at director level and the Huber Principles, which underpin its focus on the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit.

“On behalf of the Huber family, I want to express our tremendous gratitude for this honor,” said Molly Heaney, a fifth generation Huber family member and director of the company. “J.M. Huber Corporation has been guided by a sustainability mindset since its inception and the company’s commitment is reflected directly in the Huber Principles.”

Founded in 1883 by German immigrant Joseph Maria Huber to make colors for ink, J.M. Huber Corporation now operates in 20 countries worldwide as a diversified specialty products business including personal care, food and beverage, agricultural nutrients, sustainable forestry services, building materials and flame retardants.

“As a family-owned business that thinks in terms of generations rather than years, sustainability is fundamental in supporting our long-term view,” Heaney said. “We feel a deep sense of responsibility to be a positive force in the world, caring for our people and our planet; mindful that our responsibility is not just to our stakeholders today but those who come after us.”

“This important recognition signifies our substantial progress over the last decade in making Huber a more sustainable company by strengthening our culture, reducing our environmental footprint and enhancing the communities where we operate,” said Mike Marberry, president and CEO of Huber.

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