June 21, 2022

Image courtesy James Fisher, Graig, Ulstein

Image courtesy James Fisher, Graig, Ulstein

James Fisher and Sons plc and Graig Shipping PLC unveiled a new service operation vessel (SOV) design concept, the Ulstein Twin X-Stern named ULSTEIN SX221 Diamond SOV to support the UK’s target of 50GW of offshore wind energy generation by 2030.

The concept is the result of collaboration by the Diamond Consortium, a collaboration between James Fisher and Graig with support from DNV and design partner, Ulstein Design Solutions. The result will provide a future-proof design to address the increased demand for SOVs and will reduce the levelized cost of energy while delivering high levels of operability, personnel comfort and sustainability.

The Diamond SOV concept will address the supply chain chasm threatening to stymie offshore wind progress with a scalable, modular solution that can be achieved through high volume series construction to meet developer time and budgetary constraints. To that end, the Diamond Consortium is currently in discussion with shipyard groups, with the first vessel capable of being completed by the end of 2024.

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