JOHNSTONE’S brand by PPG has launched Anti-Bacterial Matt paint, which is designed for use throughout the home to restrict bacterial growth on walls.

Product restricts bacterial spread throughout home.

Unlike standard matt paint, Johnstone’s Anti-Bacterial Matt paint by PPG has been specifically tested against MRSA and E. coli. It has proven effective in actively inhibiting bacterial growth*, providing customers with peace of mind within the walls of their home.


When bacteria comes into contact with walls, it can spread across the surface and potentially increase the risk of harmful infections. Unlike most wall paints, Johnstone’s Anti-Bacterial Matt paint by PPG is formulated with technology that is proven to significantly reduce the number of bacteria living on a surface.


Surface dirt and grime also can allow bacteria to grow more easily. By pairing Johnstone’s Anti-Bacterial Matt paint by PPG with regular wall cleaning, the risk of bacterial spread is minimized.


“PPG developed the new Anti-Bacterial Matt range using advanced technology,” said Guy Burgoine, PPG Technology Manager, United Kingdom and Ireland. “The paint provides customers with the durable quality they expect from Johnstone’s products by PPG, as well as the added benefits of the anti-bacterial technology.”


Designed for use in any area of the home – from kitchens and bathrooms to bedrooms and hallways – Johnstone’s Anti-Bacterial Matt paint by PPG is a tough and durable paint range. The bacteria-restricting properties can protect for the duration of a typical decorating cycle** while also protecting walls and maintaining a great finish.


This paint comes as the next in PPG’s portfolio of functional, hygienic paints and coatings which include several antibacterial and antimicrobial products such as COMEX VINIMEX TOTAL Antibacterial Premium 100% acrylic paint, which protects homes by minimizing the growth and spread of bacteria on painted surfaces.


The paint is available in a curated palette of 10 selected to reflect current consumer preferences. The palette includes the new shade Forest Green, a dark emerald hue that evokes feelings of being immersed in nature. Each color in the range is available in 2.5 liters tins.


The Johnstone’s Anti-Bacterial Matt range by PPG can be purchased from B&M, The Range, Stax and independent stockists, as well as the Johnstone’s Paint Shop, a newly launched e-commerce channel that enables customers to easily order paint online for home delivery.

*According to modified version of test JIS Z 2801:2000.

**When used alongside regular household cleaning.

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