Production increase of around 50 percent targeted.

Coatings World staff09.15.20

LANXESS is planning to expand its production capacity for Oxone monopersulfate by around 50 percent. 


To this end, the company intends to invest a lower double-digit million Euro sum in its production facility in Memphis, TN. 


LANXESS uses Oxone monopersulfate as the main active ingredient in many of its Virkon and Rely+On disinfection products.


The company also sells Oxone as a powerful oxidizing agent for numerous other applications. 


The capacity expansion is expected to be completed in the second half of 2022.


“Disinfection products are important growth drivers in our highly profitable Consumer Protection segment. We expect a sustainable high level of demand even after the coronavirus pandemic,” said Matthias Zachert, chairman of the LANXESS Board of Management.




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