Shipping giant Maersk is enhancing the service it offers from Mombasa, Kenya, to North Europe, specifically Felixstowe and Rotterdam, by providing a single transshipment product via Salalah, Oman.

Maersk said that the ME7 service would connect Kenya’s exports via Salalah to Europe ensuring the cargo will flow smoothly without getting affected by unforeseen delays in case of congestion. The ME7 service will provide regular rotations between the hubs of Colombo and Salalah, letting customers have a more flexible option of moving their cargo.

“The changes in network are primarily aimed at providing higher predictability and offering more flexibility to customers’ supply chains. Redesigning the network from Salalah the ME7 service will bring more resilience to customers’ supply chains, further protecting them from operational challenges that arise out of contingencies,” Maersk said.

Carl Lorenz, Maersk Eastern Africa Managing Director: “We welcome the redesign of our ocean network from Salalah which will connect our Kenyan customers’ cargo to Europe through a single transshipment. This ocean product enhancement will ensure further peace of mind to Kenyan exporters injecting more resilience, predictability, and reliability into our customers’ supply chains, particularly essential for perishable cargo from Kenya. It’s great to see this important market being prioritized where global reliability in Ocean Freight is more of a challenge than ever.”

Bhavan Vempati Regional Head of Ocean Management, Maersk West & Central AsiaOur customers deserve a predictable service that will allow them to plan their supply chains better. With our redesigned ocean network, we are not only providing our customers with predictability and resilience but also greater speed to market allowing them to optimize their inventories and operations to meet the surge in demand with a competitive edge

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