Maersk Pelican, the world’s first product tanker testing the use of wind propulsion technology, has been sold and delivered to its new owner, Maersk Tankers confirmed without revealing the name of the ship’s new owner.

Norsepower rotor sails were installed on board the 245-meter, 109,647 dwt Maersk Pelican in 2018 and over a one-year test period, it showcased an 8.2% drop in fuel consumption and emissions, as confirmed by Lloyd’s Register.

“This vessel was special to us,” said Tommy Thomassen, chief technical officer at Maersk Tankers. “While the vessel is sold with the technology installed onboard, we will continue to work with relevant parties to enable the use of wind propulsion technology onboard product tankers, just as we will continue to capitalize on existing and new fuel-saving solutions to help owners optimize vessel performance and cut CO2 emissions.”

Rotor sails and other wind propulsion technologies are gaining interest across the maritime sector as shipowners seek ways to reduce fuel consumption as well as limit emissions from their vessels in line with increasingly stringent International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations.

(Photo: Norsepower)

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