Malaysia-based energy industry services firm T7 Global has secured three letters of appointment and award worth a combined value of approximately RM300 million (~$70,9 million) under its energy division for operations and maintenance (“O&M”) segment and specialist products segment. 

The letters of appointment and award were from Petronas and Carigali Hess to T7’s subsidiary Tanjung Offshore. Also, T7’s sub-subsidiary, T7 Wenmax has received a letter of award from Repsol in Malaysia for the specialist products segment. 

Firstly, following the appointment by Petrobas, Tanjung Offshore, together with its technology partner, Siemens AG, will work together to provide Distributed Control Systems (“DCS”) solutions for Package A: Downstream and Package B: Upstream and Petroleum Arrangement Companies (“PAC”). 

The coverage is for all of the Petrobas Group of Companies and PACs’ onshore and offshore locations throughout Malaysia. 

“This is a huge win for us as we continue to grow our capability in specialist products to offer innovative solutions to reputable clients such as PETRONAS and the other PACs. We appreciate the trust Petronas and our partner Siemens AG have given us over the years. 

“We have been working closely with Siemens AG in the past years and thus far our partnership has been fruitful. We are consistently promoting digital and automated solutions in the regional market as we believe digitalization is the way forward,” said T7 Global Chairman Dr. Nik Norzrul Thani Bin N. Hassan Thani.

Also, Tanjung Offshore has also won an award from Carigali Hess for the provision of Topside Construction and Maintenance Services for its gas facilities located in Block A-18 of the Joint Development Area administered by the Malaysian-Thailand Joint Authority (MTJA). 

The block is located approximately 150km NE of Kota Bahru in approximately 60m of water. Existing operating gas production facilities consist of wellhead platforms CKA, CKB, CKC, BMA, SYA, BLA, SYB, BMB, CKD, BMD, BLB, BLC, riser platform CKR, central processing platform CKP, a condensate FSO and inter-field pipelines and bridges. 

This is the second award for T7 by Carigali Hess, following the first one dated March 31, 2020, for the provision of onshore fabrication, offshore hook-up, and commissioning for infill flowlines. 

Lastly, T7 Wenmax obtained a contract from Repsol for the provision of sales gas metering upgrade for Bunga Raya A, which is related to the upgrading of instrumentation and equipment to ensure uninterrupted functionality of the existing system. 

“With these contracts, our order book has swelled to RM2.3 billion and our Energy Division will be expanding over the next couple of years executing these projects,” the chairman said.

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