During the second interview of the day focused on insights and tips shared by the employers for future workforce, representatives from the Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN) have described the profile of its desired employee.

L to R: Floor Spaargaren; Karola van der Meij (Screenshot/Video by Navingo)
L to R: Floor Spaargaren; Karola van der Meij (Screenshot/Video by Navingo)

Speaking on behalf of MARIN were its Project Manager Floor Spaargaren, and Karola van der Meij, Team Leader Cruise & Ferry.

Van der Meij described the work scope of MARIN stating: “Our institute is dedicated to the maritime industry, so we do hydrodynamics and nautical research for the industry. Most of our work is done directly for shipyards and engineering companies, where we advise them on the hydrodynamics, but nowadays also on the zero-emission solutions for ships”.

When it comes to the potential future employees at MARIN, van der Meij added: “What we are looking for are people with the passion for maritime and offshore industry. A lot of people within our company are passionate about their job, and really like to investigate what is going on and how to improve it, so you really need to have a lot of independency and be willing to take initiative”.

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