MingYang Smart Energy has introduced the new MySE 16.0-242, a large hybrid drive wind turbine. A single turbine can generate 80,000 MWh of electricity every year.

Designed for high-wind IEC IB, including typhoon-class IEC TC, the MySE 16.0-242 features a nameplate capacity of 16 MW, a 242-meter diameter rotor, 118-meter-long blades and a 46,000 m2 swept area equivalent of more than six soccer fields. MySE 16.0-242 builds on MingYang’s smaller, lightweight offshore models, ranging from 5.5MW, 6.45MW, 7.25MW, 8.3MWto 11MW series. The nacelle weight of the MySE 16.0-242 is less than 37 tonnes per MW. All power electronics and MV-transformers have been relocated up tower into the nacelle, simplifying cabling and enhancing system maintenance convenience. An air-tight design protects the nacelle from harsh salt spray corrosion while yet allowing for internal natural air cooling.

The MySE 16.0-242 is the start of the MingYang’s new 15MW+ offshore product platform. In the future, the portfolio of model variants will grow to adapt to various offshore settings, ranging from the typhoon-prone South China Sea to the windy North Sea in Europe.

MingYang has also established a business and engineering center in Hamburg, Germany.

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