The New Year is here and it’s the perfect time to find ways to refresh ourselves and our spaces. With the wear and tear our living spaces have endured over the past year, what better way to do that than with a fresh coat of paint? 


Ace Hardware named its Clark+Kensington 2021 Color Trends – Understated Impact, Mindful Living, Creative Escape – three color palettes heavily inspired by natural materials and aimed to conjure a sense of calm in our otherwise hectic lives.


“As we all take a fresh look at how we live in our homes, we wanted to provide inspiration and help unleash imagination for paint projects of all sizes,” said Julie Elrod, paint business manager Ace Hardware. “Influenced by the general desire for peace and calm in our everyday lives, the Clark+Kensington 2021 Color Trends is designed to make the home a personal refuge where we can relax, unwind, and escape.”


From understated, clean hues, to calming neutrals and soft greens, to mid-tone colors with artistic qualities, each collection is designed to thoughtfully incorporate color into your home:

  • Understated Impact: Minimalism and clean lines reflect the desire to simplify our surroundings, taking a “less is more” approach to design. This uncluttered sensibility allows us to focus on key elements of a room that are impactful yet edited. This palette includes colors like Magic Fountain 32A-2Red Tulip 05B-7 and Midnight Stroll, N-C16;
  • Mindful Living: As we continually seek to bring wellness to our lives, we consider our surroundings and how the colors we select contribute to our overall well-being. Calming neutrals and soft greens make up this refreshing and cleansing palette. This palette includes colors like Blue Spruce 29A-5Fair Isle 26A-1 and Swiss Coffee CW-W3.
  • Creative Escape: Hobbies that allow us to embrace traditional crafting techniques and work with our hands have moved to the forefront. These activities help us in finding personal satisfaction, in addition to joining others who share a common interest. This palette comprises mid-tone colors with artistic quality. This palette includes colors like Midnight Oil 36B-7Fiddlehead Fern 28A-4 and Subtle Gray 38A-1.


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