Shipbuilder VARD said Friday it had secured a new contract to design and build one stern trawler for Nergård Havfiske, the fishing arm of the Nergård group in Norway. The contract value is in excess of NOK 500 million (~$57,35 million).

“The VARD 8 02 trawler design is a well-proven design that VARD has continuously developed to meet the latest demands for fish health management, efficiency, and environmentally friendly operations. With a high focus on quality of catch, safety of crew, and sustainable operations, the vessel has the most efficient technology to bring the catch ashore with minimum environmental footprint,” VARD said of the vessel design.

Tommy Torvanger, Chairman in Nergård Havfiske, said: “The focus on maintaining local activities in the Maritime cluster and supporting the Norwegian shipbuilding industry has been one of our ambitions when returning to VARD for the third time around to build a highly advanced trawler. These vessels and our close collaboration with VARD and all vendors involved demonstrate the strengths in local dedication and Norwegian shipbuilding traditions.”

VARD said that the new vessel would be the third “highly advanced” trawler designed and built by VARD for Nergård Havfiske in under four years. 

Nergård Havfiske has currently the first stern trawler “Senja” in operation, and the second vessel is under construction at Vard Brattvaag. This newbuild is in the final outfitting stage and will be delivered to its owner within a few weeks and enter straight into operation. The new contracted vessel is based on the same ship design and will be equipped with similar technology, equipment, and solutions on board.

The new vessel will have a length of 80 meters and a beam of 17 meters and will be equipped with VARD’s catch handling solution with a live fish tank to keep the fish in healthy conditions until processing, an advanced fish factory, high cargo capacity for refrigerated and frozen fish, as well as ensilage tanks for storing heads and guts to secure full utilization of biomass from the catch.

The stern trawler of VARD 8 02 design is developed by Vard Design in Ålesund, Norway. Delivery of the vessel is scheduled from Vard Brattvaag in Norway in Q4 2023. The hull will be built at Vard Braila in Romania.

SeaQ package

VARD said that Vard Electro will be delivering a complete SeaQ package, encompassing advanced, but highly intuitive bridge, power, and automation solutions. 

“The SeaQ Integrated Bridge is a flexible and modern bridge solution that integrates the maritime systems easily and intuitively, focusing on optimization of the operator’s workstation allowing storing of own preferred setup, reducing workload, and simplifying operation and safety,” VARD said.

“Supporting Nergård’s focus on sustainability, the SeaQ package will include SeaQ Micro Grid, SeaQ Energy Storage System, SeaQ Power Management System, SeaQ Integrated Automation System, and SeaQ Green Pilot. With these combined, the vessel operator is given a full performance overview and can easily manage their operations with the aim of power optimization for reduced emissions,” VARD added.

Also, SEAONICS will deliver premium cranes and winches specially designed for safe and efficient deck handling in harsh conditions. The trawl winches have high dynamic performance enabling optimum conditions for the trawl in all conditions. During shooting or paying out wire all winches regenerate power back to the SeaQ Energy Storage System, hence will reduce the power consumption in operation, VARD said.

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