Dark colors have been quite popular on exterior walls and especially over ETICS (External Thermal Insulation Composite System), and CIN has just extended the dark/ intense color palette to include 25 new colors with the new Thermo-Reflective Technology.

CIN is a Portuguese brand and Iberian coatings market leader. CIN’s new Thermo-Reflective Technology enables dark or intense colors to be used on regular façades shielding the wall from high temperatures, thus increasing the interior thermal comfort of the building and saving energy due to the decreasing the usage of cooling systems.

“Our Thermo-Reflective Technology allows for a broader range of colours that can be safely used over ETICS but more importantly enhance the interior comfort of the building while reducing CO2 emissions through the reduction of energy consumption of cooling systems,” said Marcos Castro, marketing director at CIN. 

The company reports that the 25 new Thermo-Reflective technology colours are available in a selected range of façades products such as Carso 1 and Eralit (thick coatings), Nováqua HD (100% acrylic smooth masonry paint) and Novatex HD (100% acrylic light-textured masonry paint). 

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