Shimadzu Scientific Instruments introduced the IRXross Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spec-trophotometer. This mid-level FTIR model achieves upper-end performance including high-level S/N ratio, resolution, measurement speed and ease of use.

The enhanced S/N (signal-to-noise) ratio of the IRXross enables analysts to obtain high-quality data in less time. With P-P values of 55,000:1 for one minute of integration, the IRXross delivers ultra-high-sensitivity measurements. Users also achieve high-resolution 0.25 cm-1 measurements.

In addition, peaks from adjacent gas components are more easily separated using the IRXross compared to its predecessor IRAffinity-1. High-speed measurement of 20 times per second enables faster reaction tracking. It also acquires data with a best-in-class low noise level.

Even operators unfamiliar with FTIR spectrophotometry can analyze samples easily by simply se-lecting the purpose of analysis and attachment they are using. Operators can analyze multiple samples with a single click and do not need to set parameters.

With IR Pilot, users can program the IRXross to specifically support identification testing by mak-ing pass/fail judgments for test samples based on verification methods specified in pharmacopoeia and official methods. They can also program to support contaminant analysis using Shimadzu’s proprietary algorithm in combination with a spectral library containing over 550 spectra for sub-stances commonly detected as contaminants. A wide variety of libraries, including Shimadzu’s unique libraries, reagents, polymers and more, is included standard. 

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