Nouryon launched Bermocoll FLOW cellulose ether, an innovative and sustainable new product that combines the flow and leveling properties of an associative synthetic thickener with the stability properties of a cellulose thickener. Bermocoll FLOW delivers an optimal balance of sag resistance and leveling along with improved spatter resistance and hiding compared to paint systems made with standard thickeners. Moreover, the product is soluble in water, well-suited for low volatile organic compound (VOC) paint formulations and airless spray applications, making it a natural, more sustainable alternative for both interior and exterior decorative paints.

As an alternative to associative synthetic thickeners for rheology control of decorative paints, Bermocoll® FLOW can deliver little to no spatter through proper flow behavior, also known as rheology. This new type of hydrophobically (water-soluble) modified cellulose ether bridges the gap in thickeners, thus creating a product that goes on smoother with less sagging in both interior and exterior decorative paints.

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