Nouryon introduced Expancel HP92 microspheres for high-pressure manufacturing processes for the automotive industry.

Lightweight materials are in high demand from automotive manufacturers to meet increasingly strict emission regulations and strong consumer interest in fuel-efficient vehicles that do not compromise on performance or passenger comfort.

“The ability to produce lightweight solutions for our key markets presents tremendous growth opportunities for Nouryon as our customers increasingly focus on implementing more sustainable solutions,” said Johan Landfors, EVP and president of technology solutions and Europe at Nouryon.

Expancel microspheres consist of a polymer shell that encapsulates a gas. When heated, the gas expands allowing the microspheres to be used as a lightweight filler and blowing agent to make end products lighter and obtain different surface effects. They also reduce costs and environmental impacts by requiring less raw material and reducing weight.

“When used in underbody coatings and sealants, Expancel HP92 microspheres allow our customers in the automotive industry to use high-pressure application processes on surfaces with up to four times better volume recovery to its original shape after pressurization compared to an older grade of thermoplastic microsphere,” said Sylvia Winkel Pettersson, VP engineered polymers at Nouryon.

Expancel HP92 microspheres are currently produced in Stockvik, Sweden, with production expected in Green Bay, WI, US in early 2023.

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