Nouryon introduced LumaTreat, a global patent-pending smart-tagged polymer line of products that the company said is revolutionary in the water management industry. LumaTreat products are fluorescent monomers that attach to a deposit control agent. The combination of the fluorescent monomer and deposit control polymer provides a Smart Tag that accurately measures the ‘free’ or unused polymer in the water treatment system.


The products are a breakthrough because LumaTreat can tag most polymers used in water treatment to prevent calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate and other deposits that, over time, produce scale deposits. To date, the industry has widely used pyrene-tetra sulfonic acid tetrasodium salt (PTSA) in water treatment formulations. 


However, PTSA is an inert fluorescent tracer that only provides an estimate of how much formulation is in the water. LumaTreat enables customers to accurately measure ‘free polymer’ in the system, reducing the amount of polymer and water usage during the treatment process. 


This is a sustainable solution that both minimizes polymer consumption and conserves water.


This version of LumaTreat is the first of three patent-pending compositions introduced by Nouryon and targets water treaters who use PTSA. Nouryon is working in partnership with customers on additional versions to be introduced later. Nouryon’s patent applications are published as International Publication Number WO2020/243176 and WO2020/243180.

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