April 1, 2022

Credit: Odfjell Oceanwind

Credit: Odfjell Oceanwind

Odfjell Oceanwind, a Norwegian company that plans to make floating wind turbines to power offshore oil and gas drilling rigs and platforms, has appointed Eirik Knudsen as its Chief Financial Officer.

“We are happy to welcome Eirik Knudsen as Chief Finance Officer to the Odfjell Oceanwind team. Eirik joined us from Odfjell Drilling where he held the position of VP Corporate Finance & Investor Relations, „ Odfjell OceanWind said.
Knudsen has been with Odfjell Drilling since 2009, where his duties prior to corporate finance and investor relations included Business Development Manager and CFO of Odfjell Drilling Brasil.
He holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics and business administration and a Master of Science in Finance from Norwegian School of Economics (NHH).

“We are confident that Eirik with his solid background and extensive expertise will contribute significantly as we continue to execute on our strategy of accelerating floating offshore wind,“ Odfjell Oceanwind said.

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