February 14, 2022

Rendering of AOS Wind Farm Crew Transfer Vessel

Rendering of AOS Wind Farm Crew Transfer Vessel

American Offshore Services, a crew transfer vessel owner/operator has entered a strategic partnership with Orion Infrastructure Capital to build “state-of-the-art CTVs designed to transport technicians and materials in varied offshore conditions.”

Under the arrangement, OIC will provide financing to build a series of CTVs at Blount Boats to service the United States’ emerging offshore wind industry.

Formed in 2020, A-O-S is a joint venture between European CTV operator, Northern Offshore Services (N-O-S), and U.S. offshore logistics company, SEA.O.G Offshore, to provide services to the U.S. offshore wind industry. In November, A-O-S placed an order for four hybrid-ready CTVs from Blount Boats of Warren, RI with plans for further expansion.

The new Jones Act compliant, 99-foot G-class vessels are based on N-O-S CTV design. The aluminum catamarans will have a special compartment set aside for batteries to make the vessels hybrid-ready.

“A-O-S is thrilled to have the support of Orion. These partnerships are requisite to sustain our energy transition; and by building a hybrid-ready, Jones Act fleet for offshore wind farm construction, operations, and maintenance, we are doing just that,” said James Clouse, A-O-S CEO.

“We are excited to partner with A-O-S and finance the next generation of Jones Act compliant CTVs. These vessels are crucial to the successful construction of renewable power generation, which will be capable of powering millions of homes across the East Coast,” said Ethan Shoemaker, Investment Partner and Head of Infra Credit at OIC. “This partnership supports Orion’s objective to continue championing sustainable infrastructure. On behalf of the OIC team, we would like to thank James and his colleagues for selecting Orion to be their capital partner.”

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