On Jan. 17, 2022, a video guidance was published by CEPE to inform consumers on how to clean brushes or rollers after a paint job. The animation is an information effort to increase consumer awareness about environmentally friendly practices.

“Paint professionals are trained to apply paints most efficiently and ecological responsible,” said Christel Davidson, managing director of CEPE. “Our video guidance shall extend knowledge to do-it-yourself consumers about best practices and support consumers in preventing unnecessary emissions to the environment. That includes the principle: Do not dispose of paint residues down the drain.”

The paint industry advises on several ways of handling used paint brushes. In between paints jobs, it is recommended that brushes and rollers are wrapped airtight which will keep them usable for a few days.

For use in the more distant future, paint brushes should be cleaned in a water bucket to prevent emissions down the drain. When no longer needed, dried paint brushes can be disposed of according to the national rules.

The video guidance is an initiative of VVVF, the Dutch Association for Paint and Ink Producers, in cooperation with CEPE. The video guidance can be found under the following YouTube link 

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