Peaxy, a provider of predictive asset management for industrial equipment, has unveiled a ranking of the top 100 wind farms in the U.S. based on its proprietary scoring system that includes a comprehensive, near real-time digital footprint of over 1,500 wind farms. 

The scoring system looks at various data points including theoretical financial profiles, market data such as ISO region-specific energy pricing and real-time wind conditions. This data is combined with wind turbine power curves derived from an extensive model library to provide production level statistics and estimated revenue.

“Since wind farms produce large amounts of data per day, it’s critical to have a clear picture of how a wind investment is performing relative to the local market – and to be able to tell easily if a wind turbine is generating the most revenue possible,” says Ashok Ganesan, director of product development at Peaxy. “A more holistic view of wind farm performance is crucial in generating the highest return on investment. The Peaxy Value Score, for the first time, gives unprecedented insight into wind farm revenue potential across regions, markets and even equipment types.”

Similar to how home buyers may use rankings to quickly estimate the projected value of real estate on the market, based on a number of factors, the Peaxy Value Score gives wind farm owners, operators, insurers, regulators and OEM’s the ability to easily benchmark wind farm performance in order to answer questions such as:

  • How does the power output of a wind farm or portfolio change over time?
  • How does my wind farm perform compared to similar wind farms or other regions in terms of power output and revenue?
  • How much revenue can I expect from a wind farm given the local climate and typical energy prices?

The listing of the top 100 ranked wind farms in the U.S., broken down by state, is available as a free downloadable report. Access to the entire database of 1,500 wind farms, with comprehensive metrics in rolling 30-day periods, is available by subscription.

For more information on Peaxy’s predictive wind management solutions, click here.

Photo: Peaxy’s Lifetime Intelligence web page

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