Perstorp was granted a liquidity-enhancing Revolving Credit Facility of SEK 600 m.


Perstorp Group has grown steadily over the last few years and has ambitious plans for the future. 


This RCF will support the company in its development, will protect Perstorp from the current market environment and will provide liquidity to capture growth opportunities once conditions improve.


The RCF is provided by Nordea, Goldman Sachs, SEB and DNB. 


The financing solution is unique and the first of its kind. 


It involves a scheme for credit guarantees issued by the Swedish Export Credit Agency, which will cover 75% of the granted Revolving Credit Facility.


“This has been a true team effort and I would like to thank everyone involved; EKN, the banks, our owners and several other stakeholders,” said Jan Secher, president & CEO of Perstorp. “It is reassuring that with this Revolving Credit Facility in place, Perstorp has, relative to its size, one of the best liquidity positions among European chemical companies. We have ambitious growth plans for when the market recovers from the COVID-19 situation and look to the future with confidence.”



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