China’s MingYang is making progress will its MySE 11MW-203 offshore wind turbine development.

The company said Friday via social media that its MySE 11-99A1 blade for the 11MW turbine had rolled off the production line at the Guangdong Shanwei offshore blade production facility on Thursday, July 29.

“The new 99-meter blade is designed for high-wind IEC IB sites and as well as typhoon-class conditions, with an extreme wind speed of 70 m/s or 156 mph,” MingYang said.

The company said that MySE 11-99A is China’s first 100-meter class ultra-long glass-carbon composite blade, “incorporating a number of innovative technologies such as ultra-long blade design, glass-carbon composite materials, aerodynamic kit, and carbon fiber lightning protection system.”

According to the company, the blade optimizes power generation efficiency, turbine weight, and cost “while also providing a strong guarantee and support for high-quality and dependable performance throughout the wind turbine’s lifecycle.”

“MySE 11-99A1 was created by nearly 100 specialists on our blade R&D team, and highlights MingYang’s leadership position in glass-carbon composite blade technology,” MingYang said.

A little over a year ago, MingYang announced the launch of the MySE11-203 turbine, describing it as “the world’s biggest hybrid drive wind turbine,” of the nameplate capacity of 11 MW.

Per MingYang, the turbine will feature a rotor diameter of 203 meters and have a 31% higher annual energy production than its predecessor.

“Its 99-meter long carbon-glass hybrid blades MySE11-99A1 provide a swept area of 32,365 m2,” MingYang said at the time, saying that the prototype of the giant wind turbine is planned to be erected in 2021 and commercially available in 2022.

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