PPG announced the completion of a COLORFUL COMMUNITIES project in the Changning District of Shanghai, China, that helped renovate the Changxin Community under the theme of “Better Home, Beautiful Community.” 


The project brought together more than 30 PPG volunteers and community representatives, who spent 60 hours creating a colorful and vibrant environment for 5,000 residents.


PPG provided more than $63,000 (approximately RMB 416,300) to assist with the project, including nearly 300 gallons (1,135 liters) of SEIGNEURIE exterior paint by PPG.


The Colorful Communities project provides PPG volunteers and products, along with financial contributions, to bring color and vitality to communities where the company operates around the world, such as in Shanghai’s Changning District, where PPG China’s headquarters are located.


The Changxin Community is a public housing property that was built in the early 1980s. 


Before the Colorful Communities project, the location was not able to meet the needs of the community’s residents. Focusing on three key elements – immersion, beauty and joy – the renovation used different elements of design for different areas to create a beautiful, relaxing, happy and lively atmosphere.


The PPG design team used 24 colors to depict various scenes. Green leaves were painted at the entrance to encourage an eco-friendly lifestyle. 


Moving toward the inside, a mural named “Flowing Colors” displays colorful apartment buildings in the city to express society’s aspirations for a better life. 


Inside the building, paintings depict various scenes of modern urban life.


 Lively patterns were used for scenes in the kindergarten and on the playground, helping children in the community to feel happy and comfortable in their surroundings.


“PPG’s Colorful Communities project contributes to the beautification of the Changxin Community and is a good example of a collaborative revitalization effort by government, enterprise and community,” said Dai Tao, secretary, Party Working Committee of Jiangsu Road, Changning District. “We are very grateful for PPG’s great work in community renovation. We also hope that more enterprises can join hands with residents to build better neighborhoods.”


The Changxin Community is participating in the Communities of Excellence program in the Changning District. 


This program is aimed at improving the living environment for community residents, increasing the quality of life and creating a harmonious and beautiful neighborhood.


“We’re very excited to help residents in the Changxin Community build a beautiful and inviting space,” said Cathy Yan, PPG GM, corporate and government affairs, Asia Pacific. “We also thank all the volunteers who contributed to the success of the renovation. PPG will continue to bring color and beauty to more communities in the future.”


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