PPG announced that it has completed two production trials of PPG DESOTHANE HD CA9007 basecoat-clearcoat system on Boeing 767 freighter aircraft for FedEx at the Boe-ing paint facility in Everett, Washington.

PPG Desothane HD CA9007 basecoat applies easily in one box-coat application, providing fast drying, improved hide, color and aesthetic appearance. The combination of PPG Desothane HD CA9007 basecoat and clearcoat provides superior weathering, chemi-cal and stain resistance, and buffability while achieving a high-gloss final surface finish.

“Boeing painters and PPG technical service personnel collaborated throughout the entire application process,” said Sam Millikin, PPG global director, coatings and sealants, aero-space. “We received positive feedback from many customers, especially in regard to the ease of application, product layout and final appearance of the completed aircraft.”

PPG Desothane HD CA9007 basecoat-clearcoat system meets the performance require-ments of the BMS 10-72 specification for Exterior Decorative Paint System, which was re-quired prior to starting production trials at Boeing. It is also approved to the AMS3095 aftermarket specification.

For original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and airline customers, PPG Desothane HD CA9007 basecoat-clearcoat system reduces aircraft paint cycle times and features fast cure times. The system also provides increased durability and performance.

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