PPG announced that its HOMAX brand by PPG has launched HOMAX TEX>>PRO Texture System by PPG, a proprietary sprayer and cartridge system built to apply drywall spray texture on interior walls and ceilings.

The innovation offers a faster, lighter and overall better experience than traditional hopper guns, especially for professional contractors taking on mid-sized repairs or remodels.

While traditional hopper sprayers involve time-consuming setup and cleanup, the Homax Tex>>ProTexture System’s innovative pre-mixed cartridges allow for 70% faster use, saving professional contractors time and money on the jobsite. The system is also built to be 60% lighter than traditional sprayers when full and features a two-handed grip that allows for greater ease of use.

The Homax Tex>>Pro Texture System makes texture application a one-person job, helping with jobsite productivity and efficiency.

“The system’s innovative design is what separates it from other offerings in the market,” said Randy Hanson, PPG product development manager, science and technology. “We designed the product with insights gained from numerous customer focus groups and field trials. Based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback we’ve received, we’re excited to get the Homax Tex>>Pro Texture System into more professional contractors’ hands.”

The system’s two-handed neutral grip evenly distributes weight for easy operation compared to a top-heavy traditional hopper. Its no-spill, cartridge-based design allows users to easily apply texture to both walls and ceilings at any angle.

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