PPG announced that a presentation featuring its transformational digital color styling platform for the automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) market received the Jury’s Award for technical innovation at the recent Surcar Europe 2021 show in Cannes, France. Surcar Europe is a biennial congress of decision-makers and other experts in automotive body painting.

The winning presentation, which was delivered by Sabine Griesbeck, PPG digital transformation technical manager, detailed the development and capabilities of the company’s new digital color styling platform, which will help automotive designers dramatically accelerate the process of creating new colors for their latest vehicles. This new platform enables designers to execute and evaluate new colors and effects on a variety of virtual vehicle designs and surfaces using exceptionally realistic three-dimensional modeling. Conventional color styling processes, which involve the production and exchange of physical panels sprayed with each iteration of a color concept, can consume as much as nine months of work.

PPG also has launched a digital styling library featuring a proprietary “speed shape” that accurately depicts the interaction of color, geometry and light on a virtual rendering of a vehicle. This tool enables users to download digital color files that are compatible with industry-standard color-rendering software. This, in turn, allows design teams to collaborate with PPG experts directly, remotely and in real time.

“By eliminating the traditional constraints associated with producing and evaluating new color concepts, PPG is empowering vehicle designers and color stylists to focus their time and energy on being creative and developing products that will have increased appeal among car buyers around the world,” said Griesbeck.

This entirely digital process also offers significant sustainability advantages, including reducing waste, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and the consumption of labor, material and energy.

To learn more about PPG’s digital styling program or to see a brief demonstration of its capabilities, visit www.ppgautocoatings.com/color.

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