PPG has published a white paper titled “Static Electricity in the Workplace.” This informative document highlights the problems caused by static electricity and additional dangers for pressure-sensitive labels used in digital presses. A real-world example is described as are the results of head-to-head tests between PPG TESLIN substrate, vinyl and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) labels. 

“Static electricity is an ever-present issue for label printers and converters. As many know from experience, static can cause detrimental effects to a print run, resulting in costly quality problems,” said Fabrizio Mandingorra, PPG global segment manager, Teslin Products, labels and graphics. “The phenomenon also presents a safety issue that can cause electrostatic shock to personnel. In certain workplace environments, it can even ignite vapors that could result in fire.”

Mandingorra continues, “In this white paper, a leading global paint and coatings manufacturer learns the importance of label material selection in helping make workplaces safer … and more productive.”

Download a copy of the white paper at https://info.teslin.com/static_labels_safety-whitepaper. 

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