Tetranet is offering a solution to the maritime, offshore, ports and logistics markets an industrial walkthrough Covid19/virus and spores sanitizer as business seeks to return to normal. Designed for both inside and outside use, the company says it is ideal for  ports/harbors, terminals, onboard cruise ships, as well as on offshore rigs. 

Features touted by the company include: 

  • Walkthrough all body automatic harmless mist sterilization using HOCL (Hypochlorous) independently tested to kill 99.9999% of bacteria, viral infections, & spores.
  • Brand Design with customers Logo/Color/Tag line Digital signage options available
  • Safe, harmless, used in food safety, healthcare and water treatment.
  • Thermal detection options
  • AI software app’s for mask recognition, facial recognition, weapon detection and Staff ID
  • Greener Liquid refills in reusable 5 to 40 liter refills
  • Can be purchased, financed or hired.
  • Standard 220v/110v AC mains plus battery and custom options.

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