Wind farms are expanding in complex terrains as land in simpler terrain becomes less available. Since wind flow isn’t uniform in complex terrain, modeling technologies complete lidar sensors to achieve accurate, reliable and bankable data. The WindCube Complex Terrain Ready from Leosphere, a Vaisala company, now offers improved and more secure data in all types of complex terrain.

WindCube has been used in moderately complex terrain for many years, made possible by the integrated Flow Complexity Recognition modeling tool software.

Through strategic partnerships with several industry leaders, the WindCube measurements can now be used in even more complex terrains using the Computational Fluid Dynamics correction method. The partners can also assess the final measurement uncertainty after correction to achieve secured, bankable wind data.

Its unique hybrid wind reconstruction algorithm provides accurate wind measurement up to 300 meters with 20 simultaneous heights measured per second. WindCube can be used for both onshore and offshore projects, and for all turbine types.

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