The British Coatings Federation’s (BCF) recent member survey showed record satisfaction scores for BCF services, with an average rating of 8.2 out of 10 across 12 categories. The highest satisfaction rating related to BCF support in helping members prepare for Brexit, followed by member communications, response during the Covid crisis and staff service. Overall, 94% of respondents said BCF was meeting their needs, with only 5% saying their needs were only partially being met. After a year of major challenges in the sector, 2020 saw a significant rise in member engagement, with much of this focused on Covid-19 and Brexit. Almost 300 people took part in the survey, a threefold increase on last year, and the overall satisfaction score was above 90% for the 5th consecutive survey.


The BCF’s most valued services according to members, are communications, lobbying and technical advice.  Technical seminars, webinars & workshops were also highly rated, alongside BCF’s work in raising the profile of the sector.

BCF CEO Tom Bowtell said, “I’m delighted at the continued high levels of satisfaction and support for the BCF from our membership. It’s clear from members feedback that sustainability should be a key area of our future focus.  Members are also very concerned about the future UK chemical regulations such as UK REACH, and see this as a major opportunity for BCF to support the industry.”

The biggest threats to the BCF, as reported by BCF members, include less opportunity for the industry to grow as a result of the economic downturn post Covid, as well as the raw material supply situation being faced by the industry. Regulatory divergence from the EU also scored highly as a threat, and helping support members as they come to grips with the new trading environment with the EU will continue to be a major focus of activity for the Federation.

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