September 6, 2021

Credit: Vattenfall

Credit: Vattenfall

Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark, together with Danish Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, Simon Kollerup, on Monday inaugurated Kriegers Flak, Scandinavia’s largest offshore wind farm.

Operated by Vattenfall, the 604 MW wind farm featuring 72 wind turbines will increase Danish wind power production by 16 percent.

“With 72 offshore wind turbines and a capacity corresponding to the annual energy consumption of approximately 600,000 Danish households, Kriegers Flak is Denmark’s and Scandinavia’s largest offshore wind farm,” Vattenfall said.

“With today’s inauguration, we are taking one step closer towards our goal of enabling fossil-free living within one generation. Kriegers Flak stands as a strong contribution to the green transition, which is why we are proud that the wind farm is now ready to provide fossil-free power to Danish homes and industry,” says Anna Borg, CEO of Vattenfall.

The new offshore wind farm is located in the Baltic Sea, 15-40 kilometers off the coast of Denmark, and is Vattenfall’s newest and to date largest offshore wind farm in operation.

Vattenfall said that the wind farm launch marked the company’s position as the largest provider of offshore wind power in Denmark “covering more than half the installed capacity.”

Apart from Kriegers Flak, Vattenfall operates Horns Rev 1 (co-owned) and Horns Rev 3, which was inaugurated in 2019. Also, the Vesterhav Syd & Nord project is at a mature development stage and scheduled to be operational by the end of 2023.

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