Water treatment systems company Scienco/FAST announced it has secured contracts to supply two of its InTank ballast water treatment systems (BWTS) for offshore services provider Vallianz Holdings. The systems will be installed aboard the project barges Holmen Pacific and Holmen Atlantic.

According to the manufacturer, the filterless InTank BWTS was selected because it brings operational flexibility to the semi-submersible vessels, allowing the rapid in-place flood and discharge ballasting to be completed without treatment.

The InTank BWTS is filterless and treats ballast during the voyage. Scienco/FAST describes the system as a true second-generation alternative to contemporary BWTS. The system is more sympathetic to the operation of a vessel than in-line systems, offering more robust treatment and complete control of ballast water compliance, the company said.

“Vallianz put care and planning into the selection of InTank, completing detailed technical reviews to ensure smooth installation, practical vessel operation and ballast water compliance,” said Scienco/FAST, a subsidiary of BioMicrobics Inc.

Scienco/FAST said it worked with Vallianz as well as local InTank representatives Coffin Turbo Pump and BWTS retrofit specialist UniBallast, which completed another InTank survey and integration engineering package, for the suitability assessment for the Vallianz vessels.

The 16,600 dwt Holmen Atlantic and 34,400 dwt Holmen Pacific are submersible launch barges built in 2012. 

The vessels are the latest of several semi-submersible rigs, barges and ships to select InTank, Scienco/FAST noted. Recently, seven InTank systems were installed aboard Boskalis semi-submersible HL ships.


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