January 26, 2022

Credit: Chartwell Marine

Credit: Chartwell Marine

Offshore vessel designer Chartwell Marine on Wednesday announced the launch of its “market-first” offshore energy support vessel (OESV) with hydrofoils, in partnership with marine design & engineering consultancy, BAR Technologies (BAR Tech). 

Seacat Sceptre, built at the Diverse Marine yard in Cowes, Isle of Wight, for OESV operator, Seacat Services, will now undergo sea trials prior to its handover.

“Hydrofoils, re-popularized and matured as a technology in high-end yacht racing, lift the hull in the water in transit to reduce frictional resistance, thereby improving energy efficiency and stability. The Foil Optimisation and Stability System (FOSS), developed and patented by BAR Technologies, combines their America’s Cup heritage and expertise with Chartwell’s industry-leading track record in award-winning high-speed vessel design to resolve the mounting emissions and energy efficiency challenges facing the offshore energy support sector,” Chartwell said. 

FOSS reduces hull resistance by positioning the lifting foil near the transom and controlling the running trim to ensure the hull is operating at its most efficient trims across the speed range. As well as contributing a 30% improvement in energy efficiency through wake reduction, FOSS improves seakeeping and handling through general motion damping, active roll and trim response, and improved maneuverability and stability in varying sea conditions, the company explained.

According to the press release issued Wednesday, Seacat Sceptre’s FOSS system is the first in this series of collaborative designs developed by Chartwell and BAR Tech, with BARTech 30 vessel design anticipated for launch in the summer of 2022. First orders for both designs have been placed by Seacat Services.

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