Selektope, the antifouling technology developed by Swedish biotechnology company I-Tech AB, will be a major component in leading hull coating manufacturer Chugoku Marine Paints’ (CMP) new domestic marine coating range, I-Tech announced.


I-Tech’s long-term partner, CMP, integrated Selektope into two new antifouling paint products designed for coastal vessels to meet the growing hard fouling prevention needs for vessels sailing and docking in biofouling hotspots off the coast of Japan, I-Tech said. 


Compared with transocean vessels, coastal vessels are often at an increased fouling risk due to larger amounts of time spent stationary in port and their low-speed operation, frequently in waters with a high risk of fouling, according to I-Tech said. 


Chugoku’s expansion increases the availability of Selektope-based products to a wider range of coastal ships in Japan most susceptible to biofouling, I-Tech said. 


“The expansion shows a clear commitment from CMP as well as an extraordinary level of technical advancement in bringing out the best of our technology,” said Philip Chaabane, CEO of I-Tech AB. “CMP has a leading position in its home market, Japan, and with this introduction of two new products it has no less than six Selekotope based products for the domestic coastal vessel market. This is also a sign that our recent regulatory investments in Japan have been important to support product emissions.”


Chugoku announced a review of its complete offering within the Sea Premier range earlier this year, including their new products Sea Premier 3000 PLUS 1 and 2000 PLUS. 


These include new chemistry and add to existing offerings containing Selektope, such as the Sea Premier 200 Plus, 1000Plus, 1000Plus H and 3000 Plus 2.


Sea Premier 3000 PLUS 2 and PLUS 1 are the continuations of the award-winning antifouling coating SEA PREMIER 3000 PLUS, I-Tech said. 


These products are silyl resin self-polishing coating types with the combined power of Selektope and cuprous oxide for superior hard fouling prevention, according to I-Tech. 


Sea Premier 3000 PLUS 2is suitable for low-speed, low-activity vessels whereas Sea Premier 3000 PLUS 1 is suitable for medium and low-speed, low-activity vessels, according to Chugoku Marine Paints.


Both products can be used to protect ship niche areas against barnacle fouling, according to Chugoku Marine Paints.


Sea Premier 2000 PLUS is a silyl resin self-polishing antifouling coating containing Selektope combined with cuprous oxide that is suitable for general coastal vessels, according to Chugoku Marine Paints.


Last year, analysis commissioned by I-Tech of hull fouling condition data obtained from vessel drydocking attendance over four years revealed that more than 40% of vessels were suffering from over 10% hard fouling coverage on the hull – increasing CO2 emissions by millions of tons, the company said. 


Selektope is an active agent which, when added to paints and coatings, effectively repels barnacles, I-Tech said. 

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