Sensory Analytics has partnered with Australia-based The Bronx Group to provide sales and support for coil coating companies and suppliers in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). 


The Bronx Group has 80+ years of experience in providing coil processing line solutions to steel and aluminum companies worldwide. 


The Bronx Group will be responsible for handling marketing, sales, and support efforts required for coil customers in this territory, led by its Moscow-area offices.


“With its extensive knowledge of coil coating customers and equipment, Bronx will help new and existing customers in the Russia/CIS region take advantage of the cost savings and immediate coating quality benefits of our impactful coating thickness measurement systems,” said Greg Frisby, Global Coil Industry manager for SpecMetrix Systems at Sensory. 


“Our group has earned a reputation as a market leader by always supplying the most innovative, high-quality products for our clients,” The Bronx Group CEO Neil Jones said. “Our goal is to support our customers’ needs long term and are pleased to introduce and support SpecMetrix systems in Russia and the CIS. We look forward to offering their industry-leading on-line and lab DFT measurement systems for applied wet or dry pre-treatments, paints, and coatings to this important region.”

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