January 5, 2021

Credit: Sevan SSP

Credit: Sevan SSP

Sevan SSP, a company designing cylindrical, offshore facilities such as FPSOs and offshore rigs, has entered the floating wind game with its SWACH design.

“Sevan SSP is happy to announce our participation in the development of floating offshore wind energy with our Sevan Wind concept, the SWACH design,” the company, a subsidiary of Singapore-based Sembcorp Marine, said Monday.

“Ocean-based wind energy has the potential of providing a substantial amount of renewable energy around the globe, and floating offshore wind will be a key element for accelerating the energy transition. As the offshore wind market is moving into deeper and harsher environments with larger turbines, there is a call for cost-efficient floating foundation technologies,” Sevan SSP said.

Sevan SWACH (small waterplane area cylindrical hull) design is a cylindrical floating moonpool foundation for offshore wind turbines. 

“The solution is scalable up to the largest wind turbines (14 MW) and offers excellent motion characteristics in challenging and harsh conditions,” the company said.

According to the designer, Sevan Wind is suitable for modularized fabrication and assembly, and the shallow draft enables the structure to be fully assembled onshore with a wet tow to the final location. The technology facilitates increased competitiveness for floating offshore wind, the company said.

“We are proud to say that a Sevan cylindrical hull is suitable for Deeper-Harsher-Colder and Windier floating applications,” Sevan SSP said.


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