Smulders has produced its milestone 2,000th transition piece, destined for the Saint-Nazaire offshore wind project in France.

Smulders Produces Milestone Transition Piece for Saint-Nazaire

Smulders says it started with the production of the 2,000th transition piece this month, which is barely six years after celebrating the 1,000th transition piece.

The milestone transition piece called TP 69 is one of the total 80 that will be installed at what will be the first commercial-scale wind farm in French waters.

“The actual roll-out of the Roadmap Project started after signing the EPCI contract and at the official start in July 2019. The construction of the 80 transition pieces and their monopiles became a reality,” said Xavier Hou, Eiffage’s Project Director for Saint-Nazaire.

“Our exemplary role is not to be underestimated. Especially for France, it is a learning path. It is unique (for the time being) – first of a kind in every field. We are extremely alert and keep our finger on the pulse with all parties involved. We check, double-check and make adjustments immediately where necessary.”

Saint-Nazaire, also known as Parc du Banc de Guérande, will comprise 80 GE Haliade 150-6 MW turbines. The 480 MW wind farm is expected to be fully commissioned in the summer of 2022.

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