July 14, 2021

Credit: Alpha

Credit: Alpha

Sparrows Group’s subsidiary Alpha has said it has been awarded a contract to carry out wind turbine platform modifications in support of a new walk-to-work system at a UK east-coast offshore wind farm.

Alpha and Sparrows team will construct and install push-on plates, access gates, and handrails to 88 turbine platforms as well as the A-deck platforms on each of its two substations. Alpha did not say who the client was.

According to Sparrows, the modifications will enable motion compensated gangways from offshore support vessels to be safely connected to the platforms, allowing maintenance technicians to walk directly from the vessel to the turbine.

“The new access system will deliver a safer method of personnel transfer while eliminating the requirement for costly and time-consuming crew transfer vessels, thereby reducing CO2 emissions and delivering a greener more efficient solution,” Sparrows said.

Sparrows Group CEO Stewart Mitchell said: “As the number of wind farms in the UK increases and developments move further from shore, walk-to-work systems utilizing support vessels are becoming increasingly popular over crew transfer vessels, which involve taking trips to the field from the shore every day. It allows technicians to be accommodated onboard the vessel and remain in the field to complete a campaign, negating lengthy daily transit times and maximizing efficiency.”

Sparrows said that manufacturing activities are already underway at the Group’s facility in Aberdeen with installation on-site at the wind farm scheduled to take place later this year. 

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