Stahl has launched a dedicated Chinese website to optimize the information supply to its Chinese customers.


At the same time, Stahl will increase its presence on Chinese social channels like WeChat, Baidu and Yuku to enhance digital customer engagement in China. 


At, Chinese visitors will be able to read the latest updates on Stahl products and services, both from a global as from a local perspective. 


“We’re very proud to be able to inform our valued Chinese customers in their language. We maintain good relationships with our customers and can now also direct them to our local website or our social channels to make sure they don’t miss any developments. Because at Stahl, we’re always on the move,” said Hagen Chen, managing director Greater China at Stahl. “Besides global updates, we will also regularly share information that is only relevant to the Chinese market, such as local product launches, events and application video’s from our Center of Excellence in Suzhou.”


‘‘Stahl is in the midst of several important strategic initiatives and we are committed to communicating to the important China market with a new and widely recognized communication platform,” added John Fletcher, group director Corporate Affairs at Stahl. “Our presence on these Chinese channels including our very own, enables us to inform all our valued business partners and anyone else who follows Stahl closely in China.” 



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