October 19, 2020

Credit: TDI Brooks

Credit: TDI Brooks

TDI-Brooks International, in partnership with the French environmental firm Créocéan and Benthic Solutions, has completed an Environmental Baseline Studies (EBS) for the oil major Total offshore the Ivory Coast.

The survey was conducted over offshore blocks CI-705 and CI-706, and included seawater sampling and profiling (CTD rosette) as well as plankton sampling (bongo net) at 7 stations, sediment sampling (Mega Box Core) at 45 stations, and live feed benthic video sled at 24 transects. 

The two blocks cover an area of around 3,200 sq km and include multi-target hydrocarbon prospects in water depths ranging from 1,000 to 2,000 meters. 

For this operation, TDI- Brooks deployed the R/V Proteus vessel, equipped with a geotechnical tool kit including 20-m JPCs and 40-m CPT-Stinger/Samplers along with other TDIBrooks standard SGE, HF, survey, EBS, cable route, and other services.

Plankton Nets – Image Credit: TDI Brooks

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