To provide some support and relief, Teknos donated €50,000 for the victims of the war. The donation aims to provide medicine and other humanitarian necessities to the Ukrainian people.

Currently there is a huge need of medicine, food and other necessities in Ukraine as supply chains have been disrupted and many shops and pharmacies are closed. Hundreds of thousands of people, primarily women and children, are fleeing the war with little or no personal belongings.

“The situation in Ukraine is constantly in the minds and hearts of the Teknos Family. I hope our donation can in some small way contribute in alleviating the hardship of the families in the area”, CEO and owner Paula Salastie, Teknos Group Oy, says. 

The donation is done through the Family Business Network that Teknos is a part of Ernst Prost foundation, which operates in Poland and Germany, coordinates with local partners to ensure that the help lands where needed the most.

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